Handcrafted Jewelry by Pauline
6960 Paxton Road, Loveland OH




Now available, jewelry created and crafted by Pauline. Materials used are brass, copper and stainless steel*. Due to the nature of metal bending, no two pieces are exactly the same.

My feature item is "The Bendy" which is three necklaces in one: choker, interlock or high-low styles! Just bend to fit the wearer's neck, then bend the ends of the necklace, as desired, to give a choice of one of the three different styles. "The Bendy" is available in a variety of shapes with or without embellishments.


Also available are the Put-N-Go and the "Hook" (that allows for interchangeable drop-end pieces).



Jewelry prices: necklaces start at $20; bracelets and anklets start at $15; and, earrings and rings start at $10.

*Persons with metal allergies should not use this product. Discontinue wearing if allergy symptoms develop.